World Sindhi Congress highlights enforced disappearances of Sindhis by Pak agencies at UNHRC

Sep 25, 2020

Geneva (Switzerland), Sep 25 (ANI): World Sindhi Congress Secretary General, Lakhu Luhana highlighted the issues of enforced disappearances and extra judicially killings of Sindhi people by Pakistan at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva. Lakhu Luhana said, “The enforced disappearances on Sindhi people by Pakistani agencies continued unabated. In last 3 months alone, more than 60 have been abducted. The abduction also include a 15-year-old child and an over 70-year-old man. The Pakistani agencies are using enforced disappearances as a tool to spread terror to ruthlessly silence their voice. Sindhi people have been raising voice through hundreds of rallies, hunger strikes, protests and petitions but sadly judicial system of Pakistan provided no remedy. In the given hopeless situation, we request the counselling to fulfil its responsibility to save Sindhi people from enforced disappearances by Pakistan state agencies.”