Japan's Osaka city hosts funny festival for tourists

Jan 16, 2020

Osaka (Japan), Jan 16 (ANI): Many marathon races are held on weekends in Japan.The usual purpose of most runners is to have healthy body and lose calories. But the purpose of runners in this race is unique and contradictory. The pleasure for runners is going to the water supply station along the race course. Various sweets are lined up on tables. Runners eat sweets as they get tired. The purpose of the marathon race is not to compete in time trial, but to eat favorite sweets. This unique race is named "Sweets Marathon". About 300 kinds of sweets are prepared at the stores and restaurants located in this area. In addition, there are sweets brought from another area too. It is also fun to try these new kinds of sweets. These unrelated purposes for "regional revitalization, sweets and marathons", are strange enough to make many people happy and smile.