U.S. Senate confirms first Muslim American federal judge

Jun 11, 2021

Washington (US), June 11: The U.S. Senate on Thursday confirmed Zahid N. Quraishi to become the first Muslim American federal judge in the country's history.
"Mr. Quraishi will be the first American Muslim in United States history to serve as an Article III federal judge. Third largest religion in the United States; and he'll become the first to ever serve as an Article III judge," Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer said ahead of the vote.
Senators voted 81-16 to confirm Quraishi to serve as a district judge for the district court of New Jersey, according to a report by The Hill.
As many as 32 Republican senators joined with Democrats to confirm him, said the report.
Quraishi, the son of Pakistani immigrants, has served as a U.S. magistrate judge since 2019, and previously worked in the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. attorney's office and served in the military.
Quraishi is the third judicial nominee that Democrats have confirmed since Joe Biden was sworn into the White House.
Source: Xinhua