US airman starts hunger strike to draw attention to plight of Gaza's children

Apr 02, 2024

Washington [US], April 2: Veterans for Peace has said US Air Force senior airman Larry Hebert would start a hunger strike to highlight the plight facing Gaza's children. Veterans for Peace is an association of former soldiers who advocate for peace, highlighting the costs of war and conflict.
In mid-March, Hebert, age 26, from rural NewHampshire and a member of Veterans For Peace, took authorized leavefrom his assignment at Naval Station Rota, Spain to participate indemonstrations demanding a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and to visitCongressional offices to press for stopping weapons shipments to Israel,which violate several US laws.
Hebert said, "I was deeply touched when I saw that Aaron Bushnell took his own life at the Israeli Embassy for the people of Gaza and knew that I had to raise my voice inopposition to the US government supplying Israel the bombs and rockets to commit genocide in Gaza."
Source: Qatar Tribune

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