Platinum Evara unveils 'Becoming Me' - A Campaign Celebrating Personal Journeys

Dec 08, 2023

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 8: Today's young women are not confined by a singular notion of how their life should unfold. Instead, they believe in exploring their strengths, embracing their flaws, and most importantly, taking pride in who they have come to be. Keen on crafting their own stories, their journey is defined by self-belief, defining their worth on their own terms, and learning to love every part of themselves. This growth and self-realization are essential elements of their individual journeys. Each step, each milestone they reach, is a moment to be treasured and celebrated, marking significant strides on their way to #BecomingMe.
Born from the stars, platinum is one the rarest metals on earth, a truly one of kind metal that is ideal to celebrate each young woman's unique journey to becoming herself. This festive season, Platinum Evara by Platinum Guild International (PGI) - India launches a new campaign that is a celebration of those precious moments, emotional revelations and learning curves with which young women of today find their authentic voices. "Becoming Me" features Jemimah Rodrigues, the star performer and all-rounder of the Indian Women's Cricket Team, and Nithyashree Venkataramanan, a musical prodigy and playback singer from Tamil Nadu.
A series of five short films each, offers an intimate glimpse into Jemimah & Nithyashree's lives.
The series featuring Jemimah Rodrigues reveals her extraordinary journey, beginning with her unwavering self-belief as a six-year-old. It tracks her path of overcoming doubts, and her resilience in facing failures, never allowing them to dampen her spirit. Jemimah's story is not just about realizing her own dreams; it's an inspiring beacon for countless young girls across the country. The series beautifully encapsulates her journey, highlighting her comfort and confidence in her own skin. It delves into heartfelt moments, including her cherished memories of her 'dadda,' the pillar of her strength.
Next are the films that chronicle Nithyashree's life where she talks about how she remained true to her craft, learning to trust her voice at a very young age, mastering the art of singing in 25 languages a feat very few can boast of. Even when doubt surfaced, she worked hard to overcome her fears owning her unconventional voice. Today she looks back at her journey with pride, celebrating all that she has become.
Speaking on the campaign, Sujala Martis, Consumer Marketing Director, Platinum Guild International (PGI) - India said, " Young women today desire the freedom to live from the heart, fluidity defines this new wave of femininity. They want to come into their own, overcoming personal fears, insecurities, stepping out of their comfort zones. Unlike the norm of the past they want to be in space when they can truly accept & love who they are. We are delighted to have two women with commendable journeys as the faces of this campaign- Jemimah Rodrigues & Nithyashree Venkataraman. Be it understanding their self-worth, or just fiercely believing in themselves, young women today find inspiration in their stories."
Jemimah Rodrigues shared her thoughts on being a part of the new Platinum EVARA campaign, "As women, we have come a long way, each of us carving a path that's uniquely our own. It's essential to celebrate every aspect that shapes our true worth, with something as exceptional as our individual personalities. Platinum EVARA stood out for me as a brand that encourages women to embrace and revel in who they truly are. I am extremely excited to come onboard for this campaign."
Speaking on the campaign, Nithyashree Venkataramanan said , "I truly resonate with what Platinum EVARA stands for and I am happy to be a part of the latest campaign for the upcoming season. It's vital for us as women to celebrate every special moment and milestone in our journey of self-growth, a journey marked by courage and passion. I'm confident this campaign will resonate with many young women, encouraging them as they boldly step out of their comfort zones to author their own stories."
"The #BecomingMe campaign is a celebration of the ongoing journey each woman undertakes - a journey of self-discovery, growth, acceptance and love. These milestones make their journey truly unique, one-of-a-kind and true to themselves, just like the metal Platinum.
The unique experiences and insights into becoming the inspiring women that Jemimah and Nithyashree are today, aligns seamlessly with the essence of this campaign.
Their stories have the potential to inspire countless young women, and we are pleased to share that with the world through this campaign," says Mansi Shah, Brand Planning Director, Famous Innovations
The new Platinum EVARA campaign launches a new collection and will also be supported by a robust outreach across Television, Print, Digital, Social and PR. Crafted with 95% pure precious platinum, each piece in Platinum EVARA's new collection has been exquisitely crafted and caters to distinctive style sensibilities of today's women. This new collection is available across leading jewellery retail stores in India.
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About Platinum Guild International (PGI)
Platinum Guild International (PGI) is a marketing organisation with the vision to develop the global platinum jewellery market as a new demand source for platinum. It was formed in 1975 with specialist teams dedicated to growing the global platinum jewellery market through consumer and trade-facing programmes in the four key jewellery markets of China, India, Japan and USA. Since then, jewellery development has demonstrated a strong track record in delivering results.
Through various programmes, both direct-to-consumer and in collaboration with jewellery retailers and manufacturers, PGI creates consumer ounce demand by first identifying opportunities for platinum in jewellery, and then developing them with partners. It also aims to build an enduring commitment to platinum in jewellery.
PGI's consumer marketing and educational programmes are focused on developing awareness and an appreciation for platinum's unique properties as a precious metal for fine jewellery.
In addition, PGI works globally with collaborative partners running extensive marketing programmes in the four main platinum jewellery markets of China, Japan, USA and India. These markets are staffed with experts in strategic planning, marketing, retail, design and business development.
PGI is funded by the leading platinum producers of South Africa, as well as through co-funded programmes with the jewellery industry.
Purity Assurance Program
PGI has partnered with TUV India Pvt. Ltd. to implement a robust audit programme to ensure the purity of platinum under its programme. TUV is one of the country's first certification bodies and has been closely associated with the quality revolution in India.
Under Platinum Guild India's quality assurance programme, each individual piece of jewellery has an assured purity as high as 95%. And as a proof of this assurance, every piece is stamped 'Pt950' and comes with a tamper-proof quality assurance card that distinguishes authentic platinum from other jewellery.
A Unique Identification Number is also stamped on the jewellery in addition to the detailed description of the piece you choose for yourself. Our quality assurance programme is in place to ensure transparency and that the platinum the consumer buys is of the highest quality. After all, that is what true value is all about.
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