Mr. Kim Jong-un urged the army to promptly produce weapons and prepare for war

May 15, 2024

Pyongyang [North Korea], May 15: Specifically, KCNA today, May 15, reported that Kim Jong-un on May 14 supervised "a new tactical missile weapon system that will be equipped with combined missile units of the Korean People's Army ( KPA) is in charge of the important firing mission." KCNA did not provide further details about the new weapon system or where the test took place, according to Yonhap News Agency.
KCNA also reported that Mr. Kim ordered the timely completion of ongoing weapons production plans. The North Korean leader "especially emphasized the need for an epochal change in the KPA's war preparations by implementing ammunition production plans for 2024 without fail."
Also according to KCNA, North Korea's weapons factories, which have completed production plans in the first 6 months of the year, will carry out plans to produce tactical missile weapon systems by the end of this year. Missile launchers produced in the first half of this year will be deployed to integrated units of the KPA's western operations group.
The above development took place a day after North Korea's Foreign Ministry condemned US allies' increased surveillance of the country under the guise of monitoring violations of UN sanctions resolutions, and announced that Take necessary measures to protect sovereignty and security.
Pyongyang called on Britain, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, France and Australia to immediately stop using North Korea sanctions as a pretext for "flagrant military intervention in the Asia-Pacific ", according to a statement from the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted by KCNA on May 13.
In a statement, the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the above countries have deployed ships and fighter aircraft to the Asia-Pacific region for the reason of monitoring sanctions resolutions issued by the United Nations Security Council. imposed on Pyongyang.
South Korea's Ministry of Defense previously said that South Korean and British forces conducted joint patrols in waters near the Korean Peninsula in April to enforce United Nations Security Council sanctions resolutions against the Korean peninsula. North Korea.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper

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