LG Energy Solution to mass-produce batteries applied with CTP technology in 2025

Sep 21, 2022

Seoul [South Korea], September 21: LG Energy Solution said Tuesday that it will apply next-generation battery process 'CTP (Cell To Pack)' technology to high-nickel pouch-type batteries for the first time in the industry.
Choi Seung-don, executive director of LG Energy Solution's automotive battery development center, announced the plant at the secondary battery conference "KABC 2022."
Generally, batteries installed on electric vehicles (EVs) produced as cells, modules, and packs. One module consists of 10-20 cells, and protects cells and increase voltage and capacity. A battery pack consists of 8-40 modules.
The CTP process that LG Energy Solution has announced to apply is an advanced technology that removes module process, which is an intermediate stage of the battery production.
CTP process allows more batteries to be installed by removing module space, and can significantly reduce costs by simplifying the process and reducing parts.
CTP technology is a common challenge for the global battery makers. China's CATL, the world's largest battery maker, also said earlier this year that it will mass-produce LFP batteries using CTP technology next year.
LG Energy Solution plans to apply the CTP process to high-nickel pouch type batteries, which has more than 60% of nickel for the first time in the industry.
Ternary lithium batteries using NCM (nickel, cobalt, and manganese) are lighter and more efficient than LFP batteries. If the CTP process is applied, it is expected to be much lighter and more competitive than before.
An official from the battery industry said, "Nickel, which determines energy density, can be currently contained up to 98%, so competition for process improvement to lower manufacturing costs is intensifying. The introduction of CTP process in the battery industry is expected to be more active."
Source: Global Economic Reporter