Israeli Prime Minister Says Iran Brings Violence, Instability to 'Every Place It Goes'

Oct 18, 2021

Tel Aviv (Israel), October 18: Iran brings "a tailspin of violence, poverty, instability and failure" to every place it operates in, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Sunday.
"This is the Iran touch - Every place Iran goes, it enters a tailspin of violence, poverty, instability and failure," Bennett said at the opening of the Weekly Cabinet Meeting, as quoted by his office.
Commenting on the situation in neighboring countries, the prime minister said that Israel was closely monitoring the developments in Lebanon and Iraq.
"In both cases, we see developments and trends that begin from the bottom, forces that are sick and tired of Iranian control, be it Hezbollah in Lebanon or Shi'ite militias in the case of Iraq, that suffered a severe blow in last week's elections," he said.
The prime minister also expressed hope that the Lebanese and Iraqi people would "free themselves from the tight grasp of Iran's Revolutionary Guard and build better lives for themselves."
Source: Sputnik