IIM Calcutta & Emeritus Roll out 'Advanced Programme in Supply Chain Management' Enabling Professionals to Drive Business Profitability

May 23, 2024

BusinessWire India
Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 23: In an era defined by intricate global supply chains and dynamic market landscapes, organisations face unprecedented challenges in optimising their operations. Recent disruptions have exposed vulnerabilities, highlighting the need for professionals equipped to navigate complexity, mitigate risks, and optimise end-to-end supply chain operations for sustained success. Recognising the need to equip professionals with methodologies, frameworks, and best SCM practices, the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC), one of the leading B-schools in India, ranked 4th by NIRF 2023, launched the 12th batch of Advanced Programme in Supply Chain Management in partnership with Emeritus, a global pioneer in offering accessible and affordable high-quality education to individuals and organisations.
This high-impact 12-month programme is meticulously curated for mid to senior-level professionals, seeking to elevate their expertise in the dynamic realm of Supply Chain Management. It is also tailored for seasoned professionals looking to navigate the intricacies of Chain Management or seeking innovative strategies to optimise various aspects such as purchasing, production, inventory control, and logistics. Additionally, professionals aspiring to broaden their career horizons within logistics or supply chain management, be it in service or manufacturing organisations, will find this programme beneficial in helping them unlock new opportunities and drive success.
According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) report titled "Worldwide Small and Medium-Sized Business and Digital-Native Business 2023 Predictions -- India Implications", by 2025 around 30% of Indian Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) will consider intelligence decision systems to promote R&D and supply chain management. It further predicts that logistics and supply chain managers are more focused on meeting demand rather than just managing supply and therefore it is an ideal time for professionals to enhance their skills for a promising career in supply chain management. Aimed at addressing the growing demand for skilled professionals in the field, this programme rightly equips participants with an integrated understanding of contemporary best practices in supply chain management and logistics and helps them with end-to-end supply chain visibility and continued success.
The IIM Calcutta Advanced Programme in Supply Chain Management, designed by renowned IIMC faculty, includes live online sessions delivered by top IIM Calcutta faculty as well as an 8-day in-campus immersion at the IIM Calcutta campus. It also includes a capstone project guided by IIM Calcutta Faculty, real-world case-studies, hands-on learning through business simulations on supply chain and an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning. The programme includes modules such as introducing supply chain management, supply chain strategy, inventory management, procurement and sourcing management, and ecommerce supply chain & fulfilment among others.

Through this programme, participants will be able to:
* Cultivate advanced strategic thinking skills in supply chain management and logistics to effectively analyse and optimise intricate global supply networks
* Attain proficiency in leveraging cutting-edge tools and technologies to enhance supply chain efficiency and supply chain transformation
* Develop expertise in fostering supply chain agility and distribution, facilitating swift adaptation to evolving market dynamics and customer demands
* Assess and refine supply chain performance metrics by harnessing data-driven insights to pinpoint areas for enhancement and drive continuous improvement throughout the supply chain
* Design and implement collaborative supply chain and sourcing strategies to cultivate closer partnerships, promote information sharing, and optimise coordination
Commenting on the launch of the programme, Mohan Kannegal, CEO, India and APAC, Emeritus, said, "Recent disruptions have underscored the critical need for agile and adaptable supply chain management practices. Through a focus on operational activities like procurement, logistics, and sales planning, this programme empowers participants to enhance end-to-end visibility and harness opportunities for continued growth. The Advanced Programme in Supply Chain Management (APSCM) by IIM Calcutta will equip professionals with the essential tools and strategies to successfully assume cross-functional roles, efficiently coordinate with suppliers and customers, and drive corporate success. We are thrilled to partner with esteemed institutions like IIM Calcutta to launch high-impact programmes that will help participants in their professional journeys."
The eligibility for this programme includes Graduates (10+2+3) and Diploma holders (10+2+3)/ Postgraduates from a recognised university (UGC/AICTE/DEC/AIU/State Government/recognised international universities) with a minimum of three years of work experience. This programme is set to begin on June 30, 2024, with a fee of INR 4,60,000 plus GST (Discount of INR 10,000 available until May 29, 2024).
Upon successful completion of the programme and maintaining a minimum attendance of 75 percent, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion from IIM Calcutta. They will also be eligible for prestigious IIM Calcutta executive education alumni status.
For more information, visit the programme page here.
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