Happy Visitor's SmartGate is Saving Trees and Transforming Front-Office Automation with Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

May 23, 2024

New Delhi [India], May 23: India's leading Front Office Automation SaaS solution platform Happy Visitor's SmartGate has seen remarkable growth over the past five years. The company has achieved a consistent 40% annual growth rate, saving over 25,000 trees through its paperless solutions and building a base of over 500 satisfied clients across various sectors.
When asked about the secret to their success, VV Subramaniam, Founder & CEO of The SmartGate replied that SmartGate's growth strategy mainly focuses on two key areas, firstly, Digital Transformation in which they replace inefficient paper-based systems with a comprehensive digital solution, improving operational efficiency and environmental impact, as seen in their "Save a Million Trees'' campaign. Secondly, their Customer-Centric approach matches user needs with product capabilities and delivers benefits. This is evident in their work expanding within the Indian manufacturing sector.
SmartGate's growth is not limited to India, next on their expansion map is Southeast Asia. This aligns with the growing focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals in the region. SmartGate's digital solutions offer measurable benefits that support sustainability efforts making them a perfect fit.
Happy Visitor plans to leverage its existing customer base to support expansion. Their existing clients often start by digitizing one area and expanding, becoming a springboard for further growth. Additionally, participation in industry forums allows them to connect with potential new customers.
SmartGate is at the forefront of innovation, integrating cutting-edge technologies like IoT, NFC, geo-mapping, and facial recognition. This allows for Proactive Security Measures, Seamless Authentication, and Enhanced Security.
While the future is bright, Mr. Subhramaniam acknowledges potential hurdles by addressing this through focused talent development initiatives, staying informed of changing regulations like GDPR and DPA, implementing robust security measures, and continuously adapting and innovating are their key to success in the competitive market. He further adds, educating and promoting masses about the sustainable efforts will help businesses embrace technological transformation.
Innovation is a core value at Happy Visitors as they foster a culture of collaboration through regular team meetings and industry participation. The management also invests heavily in research and development to stay ahead of the curve.
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