Furnitech Luxe Casa Meraki Collection Fuels Innovation Through Sustainability

Jan 25, 2023

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], January 25 (ANI/PNN): Furnitech Luxe has launched Casa Meraki, a collection born out of love & compassion for style and comfort mixed together to bring out the best of furniture fashion. The collection is designed using sustainable elements like latex for foam and plastic recycled fabric. From wood to fabric, elements used in the making of the product are consciously selected. Jinal Shah, Founder & Principal Designer of Furnitech has attempted to keep the sustainability motive while designing this world-class furniture range. According to Jinal organic materials like Latex are environmentally friendly and have a chance to be recycled.

Casa Meraki works on the ethos of producing contemporary, high-quality, and consciously designed products. Superior ergonomics and aesthetic components are central to Casa Meraki designs. It is made with a plethora of colors, textures & varied layers of material without compromising the trending style & aesthetics. The collection designed by design enthusiasts, combines vibrant hues and various elements & materials bringing out the best of furniture fashion. The finely crafted bespoke products of Casa Meraki are available in the categories of couches, recliners, and lounge chairs.

Furnitech has been awarded ZeD certification by the Government of India, which stands for production through recyclable materials, ensuring zero wastage during the process. With 24 years of expertise, cutting-edge technology including CRM, IVR software, automated manufacturing, an evolved Supply chain system, and High warranted products, Furnitech has created a world-class showcase to cater to Indian homes and establishments.

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