Dreamers are Achievers - a celebration of 6 African women achievers

Feb 03, 2023

New Delhi [India], February 3 (ANI/PNN): Actress and former Femina Miss India World, Sayali Bhagat, has announced the launch of "Dreamers are Achievers", a celebration of six African women who have overcome challenges and become role models for dreamers. The event, organized in partnership with Africa Union Holdings Limited of the United Arab Emirates, is set to take place in New Delhi and will showcase the achievements of six inspiring women from Nigeria and South Africa.
The winners of the "My Home Town'' pageant in Zambia - Angela Malenga, Beauty Katebe, Nalavwe Chinakila, Doris Couvaras, Faith Kachenga Mukonko, and Mwila Masongo - along with their mentors, Chika IKE and Peral Thusi, will share their stories and interact with individuals in India. These women have made their mark on the world as UN speakers, fashion models, Hollywood actresses, entrepreneurs, and more, and will inspire individuals in India with their journeys.
An anchored talk show will be held for the women to interact with community members, followed by a fashion show choreographed by Liza Verma and featuring outfits designed by Rina Dhaka. A photoshoot and after-party are also planned to celebrate these incredible women and their hard-earned achievements.
On the 7th, the women will carry out relief and charity work at a local NGO/shelter, where they will distribute food and winter essentials and interact with members. The next day, Sayali will take the women on a tour of Delhi, visiting the city's many picturesque locations for photoshoots and a glimpse of India's culture and history.
"My Home Town" is a personality contest that grooms, guides, and promotes talented women and men. The organizers aim to empower women from disadvantaged communities and help them become leaders and role models of tomorrow. By providing extensive support and grooming, they hope to show other talented women that background and origins should not be an obstacle to success.
Sayali Bhagat, who is passionate about inspiring, supporting, and guiding women from all walks of life, said, "I believe hard work and talent should be the only things that matter, a belief I have developed and embodied throughout my own career. Hence, it brings me great joy and pride to play a role in the journey of these incredible women and the hard work they have put in to get where they are today. I am extremely passionate about helping inspire, support, and guide women from all walks of life in achieving success."
The venue for the event, Khubani, is a popular venue for contemporary and innovative entertainment, featuring top DJ's and performing artists. The venue is well-known for hosting prestigious events in Delhi, such as the "Food For Thought Fest", and they believe in providing entertainment with a purpose, especially events that promote international relations. Therefore, they are thrilled to partner with a fashion show featuring prominent models from the African subcontinent.
In conclusion, "Dreamers are Achievers" is a celebration of six inspiring African women who have overcome challenges and become role models for dreamers. The event will showcase their achievements, interact with community members, and inspire individuals in India. This is a unique opportunity to learn from the journeys of these incredible women and to be inspired by their hard work and determination.
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