Dental Floss is Outdated, Make Way for Water Flossers from Oracura

Jan 27, 2023

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 27 (ANI/PNN): Most people know the importance of brushing their teeth regularly. But oral health problems, including tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath are still widespread issues - further amplified for those with braces. Dental floss, which are usually string-based, have been around for some time now. They help remove plaque and tartar, but have limited usability for people with gum problems or braces.
And for these reasons, water flossers are emerging as the smart alternative. Water flosser is basically a special device that directs a stream of water in the mouth. While brushing twice a day cleans every corner of the teeth when done properly, water flossing uses the pressure of water to clean the teeth and gums, blasting off plaque and food residue altogether.
According to Sagar Awatade, Founder, Oracura, "Brushing teeth has been an integral part of the Indian lifestyle, but flossing has limited scope, primarily because of gum-related problems which affects the tissues that support the teeth and can cause the gums to recede, the teeth to loosen, and even tooth loss. Oracura water flossers offer a definite advantage over its string-based counterparts, but are also ideal for people with varied dental issues like bleeding gums, braces, or gingivitis."
Oracura, an Indian home-grown brand, has emerged as a leading provider of water flossers, and alternative oral care solutions. The company recently launched a Countertop Smart Water Flosser, with 5 varied nozzle tips and multiple operation modes. This model is India's first rechargeable model in countertop type of water flosser. It has 450ml tank capacity which is considered a bigger capacity. It is a foldable model hence is travel friendly. The Oracura Countertop Smart Water Flosser comes with an adjustable water pressure setting, and is equally easy to use for people with braces.
Oracura, an oral care company, is a leading developer and marketer of innovative dental healthcare products. It has gained popularity within a short span of time due to its innovative designs and patented technology. The company is headquartered in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and has a PAN-India presence. The company is on a mission to facilitate for everyone for better dental health through its innovative range of Smart Water Flossers and Sonic Electric Toothbrushes. For more information, please visit

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