5 steps Praadis Education uses to make an engaging online elementary programme

Mar 18, 2023

New Delhi [India], March 18 (ANI/PRAADIS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD): Praadis Education is an acclaimed online education platform that provides comprehensive, interactive and alluring programs for elementary students. Due to the pandemic, online learning has flourished in the country more than ever before. Some gladly accepted the change while others were forced to. Especially, keeping young students engaged in an online environment can be a challenge for educators. To tackle this issue,
along with a team of teachers and education consultants (who brings an outsider perspective) researched, analysed and employed some key steps to create an online elementary program that draws young students towards learning.
These are:
Step 1: Use Interactive Tools
Using a range of interactive tools and features that can catch hold of a child's attention has proven be a winning factor for Praadis Education. These tools include games, quizzes, simulations, and videos that make learning a fun activity. Gamification of certain subjects, like mathematics, is a tool that makes learners active participants during a session. Besides the recreational fun that games provide, they are also a great way to infuse learning into play.
Step 2: Incorporate Visuals and Multimedia into Lessons
Visuals and multimedia are other effective tools in creating engaging elementary lessons. After all, the end goal is keeping students interested in the ongoing topic with learning as a by-product.
provides the whole gamut of multimedia resources such as images, animations, and videos that are used to explain complex concepts in a story-telling format. Teachers can also use the platform's virtual reality (VR) features to create immersive learning experiences for their students.
Step 3: Personalize Learning
Personalizing learning is key to keeping students engaged in online learning. A personalized learning experience is one that adapts to each student's individual learning style and pace. The platform's intelligent learning system uses data to identify areas where students need additional support and provides them with targeted resources to help them succeed.
Step 4: Encourage Collaboration and Social Learning
Collaboration and social learning are important aspects of online learning that can help students feel more connected to their peers and teachers. Praadis Education through a range of collaborative features like group projects, discussion forums, and live classes enable students to interact with each other and their teachers in real-time. These features promote teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills among students.
Step 5: Provide Opportunities for Reflection and Feedback
Providing opportunities for students to reflect on their learning and receive feedback is important for keeping them motivated and engaged. Praadis Education provides a range of assessment tools and features that enable teachers to provide students with regular feedback on their progress.
provides self-assessment tools like online tests and activities that students can take on their own to assess their understanding of the concept and set goals for improvement.
Praadis Education has developed and implemented these five key steps for creating an engaging online elementary program, which has contributed to their exponential growth. The platform's approach has helped its educators to keep students engaged and motivated, even in the challenging online learning environment. Incorporating these steps while formulating any online program can help bring great levels of student engagement as it has done for the leading ed-tech, Praadis Education.
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