What does Boeing say about China's announcement of 'home-made' civilian aircraft?

Jun 02, 2023

Beijing [China], June 2: The CEO of Boeing Corporation said that China's technology is still lagging behind the US and Europe.
Last week, China Eastern Airlines launched a passenger-carrying C919 from Shanghai to Beijing - a major milestone for Commercial Aviation Corp of China (COMAC).
Before this, Mr. Dave Calhoun, CEO of Boeing Corporation (USA) on June 1 said he did not believe this was a sign of the end of the monopoly position held by this company and its rival Airbus (of France, USA). Germany, Spain, UK) hold, Reuters news agency reported.
According to Calhoun, the C919 is a "good aircraft", but it will take "a long time" for COMAC to build the necessary production capacity to meet the needs of Chinese airlines. He said that while it could increase the number of C919s, COMAC would still lag behind Boeing and Airbus, The New York Times reported.
"[Having] 3 suppliers in a growing global market of this magnitude and scale is not the scariest thing. I think it's silly to worry too much about it," Calhoun added.
Instead, the Boeing general manager said the company needed to focus on the current competition and position itself to "win that technology race". He added that China remains "our friend, our customer", but business may be adjusted due to US-China geopolitical tensions.
Asked if Airbus was considering launching a new version of the A220 - a move that would challenge Boeing's best-selling 737 MAX 8 model - Mr Calhoun replied: "It doesn't bother me. ".
It's not important for Boeing to regain 50% market share in narrowbody orders compared to Airbus, according to Calhoun. Instead, Calhoun said the biggest cause of Boeing's loss of market share over the past four years was its inability to deliver planes due to some supply chain issues.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper

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