Trump says NYPD can't fight violent protesters alone as 'radical left' has gained 'momentum'

Jun 03, 2020

Washington D.C. [USA], June 3 (ANI): Chiming in about ongoing protests in New York City over the death of black American man George Floyd, US President Donald Trump in a late-night tweet just after midnight on Wednesday (local time) said that the New York Police Department won't be able to control the violent rioters alone as the "radical left" has overpowered the law enforcement agency.
In his tweets, the President seemed to take an aim at NY Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo -- who on Tuesday sparred over how to handle quashing of the violence.
"New York's Finest are not being allowed to perform their MAGIC but regardless, and with the momentum that the Radical Left and others have been allowed to build, they will need additional help. NYC is totally out of control. @NYCMayor & @NYGovCuomo MUST PUT DOWN RIOTING NOW!" the President wrote on Twitter.
It was odd to pair de Blasio and Cuomo together, since on Tuesday the mayor shot down completely any thoughts about brining in the National Guard, while Cuomo said it was on standby.
NY City extended an 8 p.m. (local time) curfew all week and banned much Manhattan car traffic overnight as officials struggled Tuesday to stanch destruction and growing complaints that the nation's biggest city was reeling out of control night by night.
After chaos erupted again overnight amid protests over George Floyd's death -- despite an 11 p.m. (local time) curfew --de Blasio doubled down on a citywide curfew but rejected urging from Trump and an offer from Cuomo to bring in the National Guard.
The police department announced it would allow no vehicle traffic south of 96th Street in Manhattan after curfew, though residents, essential workers, buses and truck deliveries were exempt.
The violence threatened to overshadow the anger over the death of Floyd, a black man who died on May 25 after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed a knee on his neck even after he stopped moving and pleading for air. (ANI)

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