New York Governor urges Trump to sign executive order necessitating wearing masks

Jun 30, 2020

New York [US], June 30 (ANI): New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has asked President Donald Trump to issue executive order necessitating wearing masks amid the coronavirus pandemic.
While Trump continues to violate all norms necessary to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Cuomo has urged him "to do two things -- Sign an executive order directing everyone to wear a mask akin to what New York did two months ago; and the President should also wear a mask," CNN reported.
The New York Governor called on Trump during his press conference to follow in other states' footsteps and direct "everyone to wear a mask" through an executive order.
"Let the president lead by example and let the president put a mask on it," he said while adding "It is time to wake up America. The White House has been in denial on coronavirus from the get-go and the federal response has just been wrong. That's not a political statement. If you look at the facts, that's exactly what it says."
Cuomo also questioned "how we're at this point as a nation" where "we still haven't done the simple easy minimal step of saying you must wear a mask when you're in public."
Cuomo also said that the rush to reopen the economy at this juncture will not help the economy.
"This was not a smart policy to rush reopening. It did not help the economy. It's the exact opposite."(ANI)

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