Close to 60,000 cases confirmed in NY state

Mar 30, 2020

New York (USA), Mar 30: New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has extended the program to keep workers at home by two weeks in an effort to fight the increasing number of coronavirus infections.
On Sunday the number of confirmed cases was 59,513, an increase of 7,195 from Saturday.
New York state makes up about a half of the overall number of cases in the United States.
Cuomo told reporters on Sunday that healthcare workers are under heavy stress as they try to cope with the increasing number of patients.
He said that about 76,000 people have volunteered to work in hospitals.
He emphasized that the state is doing its best to purchase ventilators and increase the number of hospital beds.
The governor also said it is a race against time as the outbreak is likely to reach its peak in 14 to 21 days in New York City, where the number of infection cases is the highest in the state.
He added that restrictions on the workforce will be extended until April 15, except for those doing essential jobs, such as police officers and grocery store employees.
Source: NHK World

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